I specialise in luxury spirits and whisky packaging, retail, gifting. product portfolio re-design and tea and coffee packaging. My packaging designs have increased global product sales, distribution, and awareness for a number of luxury, premium and FMCG brands over the years.


    I did my apprenticeship as Global Brands Director at Whyte & Mackay Group working with industrialists, master craftsman and marketeers behind some of the world's most prestigious global spirits brands. Together we re-branded and re-launched a portfolio of spirits that set new territories within the sector, won various industry awards and significantly increased the value of the company. The invaluable knowledge I gained from this experience informs my approach to packaging design today.





    "Adam is a delight to work with, both creatively and from a practical perspective. He quickly engages with the project, and is extremely flexible in his approach. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


    Mandie Porter
    Head of Buying & Marketing Communications

    Whittard of Chelsea



    Packaging design is one of the ultimate physical expressions of your brand. I believe in crafting designs that have universal appeal. There has to be something that makes you want to reach out and discover its story. I can work with you to develop the brand story, craft beautiful packaging, and design meticulous marketing materials to showcase your product, drive brand awareness and sales.